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There are several videos of Deitsch on the artes-records youtube channel. Here is a selection of them.

Deitsch – Der Winter ist vergangen

A beautiful song about the end of winter from the 15th (words) and 16th (music) century, from the borders between the Netherlands and Germany.

Deitsch – Deutscher – Altlaender

The first tune is from the collection of Heinrich Nicol Philipp from Seibis, upper Frankonia (1784). It’s simply called “German No. 58”. The second tune is from the “Altland tune books”, collected in 1792 by Peter Meyer from Mittelnkirchen- Hinterdeich, which is about 40km west of Hamburg in a beautiful area called the “Old Country” by the locals. It also has quite a simple title: “Altländer No. 48”!

Deitsch – Es geht eine dunkle Wolk’ herein

This is a farewell song from the 16th century. The first verse as well as the melody can be traced back to the song manuscript of the Bavarian Benedictine priest Johannes Werlin from the Seeon monastery. The second and third verse were added later.

Deitsch – Vedder Michel – Musikantenschottisch

Two Schottisches. “Vedder Michel” is a traditional tune from northern Germany, “Musikantenschottisch” is composed by Juergen Treyz. 2 Schottische: der traditionelle “Vedder Michel” aus Norddeutschland sowie “Musikantenschottisch”, geschrieben von Jürgen Treyz.

Deitsch – Kerwelied

Recorded at the TFF Rudolstadt Festival 2009.”Deitsch” perform a traditional german song in palatine dialect followed by two irish polkas, Gneevguillia Polka (trad.) and Jessica’s Polka (Mick Hanly). Guest-Vocal appearance: Christoph Pelgen (La Marmotte, Cassard, Adaro) A traditional song in the Palatinate dialect followed by 2 Irish polkas, Gneevguillia Polka (trad.) and Jessica’s Polka (Mick Hanly). Guest musicians: Christoph Pelgen (La Marmotte, Cassard, Adaro).