Traditional music and songs from germany timeless and up-to-date

The four musicians bring old, half-forgotten tunes back to life that resurfaced when some old manuscripts (dating back to 1750-1870) were archived and digitalized. They lift these long lost gems off the page and play them with a fresh, relaxed and open minded approach that comes from a lot of experience playing traditional music from other parts of Europe. With their current album, they re-define the genre of instrumental German folk music, that so far was considered to be simple, unadventurous or simply non-existent. They also sing old folk songs, ballads and poems set to music covering the universal human themes of seasonal change, love, birth and death. So, how does it sound? Geographically, Germany is situated between Scandinavia and the Alpine countries, between France, England, Ireland and Poland, and this is true also for the band sound of Deitsch, which always stays distinct and unique. They use only acoustic instruments and forgo loops and other electronic effects in favour of fiddles, flute, pipes, accordion and guitar. Gudrun Walther interprets these old songs lovingly yet without pathos with her clear, velvety voice. The other band members complement her in vocal four-part harmony.